Hyun Kim

Hyun Kim

Korean Translation, Marketing, Naver Keyword Ad, Blogging, Review, Testing, Korean resume/cover letter...etc

Name: Hyun Kim
Work Experience: 15 years
Address:Dongduchun-si, Korea
Phone: Skype) kloboto


During my time in translation/marketing field of over 15 years, I experienced a wide of works through a diverse set of experiences. I have been involved in a wide range of works, such as marketing business, web content, education, medicine, engineering and media. I am now working as a  translator, proofreader and marketer based on my long-year experience, writing skills and knowledge of translation work to provide the right services for your company’s needs.


Work History & Feedback on Elance, Odesk



Biola University


• Marvel Comics

• EF EnglishTown

• MotionElements

• App games

• Game tutorial & instructions

• Korean News feed for News app

• News articles

• Marketing research

• Language course for kids

• Comic books

• School books for children

• fashion magazine editing

• Daily News translation on a regular basis

• website management

• Tripadvisor

• istorybooks (kids book writing & translation)

• children book publishing company (translation projects)

• Wargaming

• Phuket hotel

• Thai travel agency website

• Phuket cruise

• marketing & sales & copyright

• Gmarket marketing & copyright

• Call of duty translation & proofreading

• Apps & Websites (See. Portfolio on my blog)

• Military strategy games

• Flash Games marketing via Naver blog and Naver internet cafes

• Game manual translation

• nintendo / playstation games translation & marketing via websites

• App/Video game advertising / SEO writing

• Promoting products via

• Naver Ads (clickchoice, keyword ad)
• (many projects)
• (many projects)
• Alamoluxuryhouse (website)
• Elliptictech (website)
• Ecocamp (website)
• Olive Oil biz (website)
• Health in hands (website)
• Scoliosis (70,000 words)
• UFDtoGO manual
• Self introduction for interview
• Ancillary equipment- engineering

• Video game description

• Lawsuit case translation.
• Korean English Newspapers proofreading/typing
• Korean Industry/real estate price research
• Notre dame university voice-over project
• Korean overseas study/work agency research (vision united)
• Health in hands review / website content  / book translation
• Bank statement
• Listening text book
• Ninja app game

• Samgukji video game

• Santa app

• Flight control game

• Musical box app

• Nintendo/playstation game package manual

• Biz Tycoon game

•Tip-off basketball app game

• Ivideon translation

• Korean Dentist list

• Korean cosmetics companies list

• E-tips SEO writing

• Couchsurfing webiste

• Triggertrap translation

• Korean English online learning school research

• Blockbuzz website

• Korean tool’s price research

• Military documents

• Doctor’s notes

• Korean market research

• Bee game manual

• groupiest website

• Korean product research

• Noted links website

• Goccusa website

• ArchiReport

• App website research

• Rujia Educare

• Travel website list

• Dingtone

• Korea FDA research

• World of tanks

• Naver/Daum  keyword marketing

• Legal Translation (Private policy, Terms of use, Payment policy…etc)


• …and many more

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AddressDongduchun-si, Korea
Phone Skype) kloboto

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